Here are a few pictures that have been used in the class. Below is a picture of my dog.  She can be clearly cut out from the picture which makes for a very easy layout.  You can also use a side photo that shows the whole body as well.  

Below are a few pictures that aren't "whole" animals, but still can work.  You can choose to start at the bottom or side of a canvas like the horse or have more of a free floating bust like this dog.

This little guy has a great photo, but as you can see his feet are covered by his fluff.  This artist chose to make feet for him which worked out great!

Both these dogs are in very easy positions to work with.  Items like bandanas and collars can be changed!

Look for a photo that has good detail and good lighting.  Feel free to email or text me with any questions you have regarding your photo.  You are welcome to send over multiple photos so that I can help you chose the best one!

Having a blanket around the animal can make for some challenges, but this cat worked because you can see it's paws.