Below are a list of current classes available. New classes will be added, please check back soon. Each class only accomodates 12 students. If a class is full,  please email us.  Please check our FAQ page for more information. 

Saturday Mar 9th, 2019 (1pm-4:30pm) - COLLAGE CARD CLASS

All materials are provided. In this class you will create 4 8x10 collage on canvas art pieces. They will then be scanned and printed on 20 5x7 cards with envelopes. These cards along with your canvases will be available to pick up or for delivery within a week following the class.

Sunday Mar 24th, 2019 (10am-1pm) - BUTTERFLY AND NATURE CLOCHE CLASS

All materials are provided. 


In this class you will set the stage for a real butterly using a mixture of various papers, natural objects and funky odds and ends. 

Saturday Apr 6th, 2019 (9am-2pm) - ANIMAL PHOTO COLLAGE ON CANVAS CLASS

All materials are provided. Note: Beforehand you must provide a minimum 1MB photo in jpeg format of an animal either front sitting pose or side view pose. Photo will be reviewed and approved by instructor.  Solid colored animals may not be compatible for this project. See GUIDELINES page for photo examples


In this class you will use different papers to construct your collage of an animal on a 16 x 20 canvas 

Saturday Mar 16th, 2019 (10am-1pm) - CLAY SUCCULENTS AND TERRARIUM CLASS

All materials are provided.  Note: Terrarium types may vary


In this class you will learn to make various kinds of succulents and cacti out of clay.  Then you will house your creations in a terrarium using elements of nature and other unique finds.